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Fabio Russo was born in 1985 in C. Mare di Stabia, near Naples.

Since he was child he had a passion for music until at a private party remains fascinated by the figure of the DJ who made the music flow through the turntable, this was the beginning of his adventure.

At the age of 16 years made his first debut as a DJ at private parties then proposed his music in several Italian clubs and foreign cities including Barcelona, where is his second home with the BCN CONTACT.

Over the years he has developed its technique and its musical culture, always looking for new musical trends, in fact, his sets consist of a house at 360 degrees with a prevalence of tech-house sounds. In 2011 the project "Fabier" was born and starts his first production with Ableton. Its outputs quickly appreciated by many including Hustler Muzik , Sanity,The Room, Attary Records, Family Matters Records and many other projects. Also in this year he founded a label with his friend Gianluca Caldarelli "Expectancy Records" where they're having a lot of support from great international DJs.

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